After the end of the world- We go on.  We make art. and we make it cheap.  

10 bucks a show. Feb. 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26  @ The Living Theatre 21 Clinton St. btwn Houston & Stanton

What is Hot Cheap Living?

The end of the world arrived and left without ceremony. 

We're still here. Now what? We go on. 
Every day we build a culture on change in a city where favorite neighborhood block fixtures are gone overnight, where one hot minute might be all you get. 
Priced out. Kicked out. Blown over. 
Super storms put us in the dark and under water. 

Go to Portland? Invade Detroit? 
Nope. We’re still here. Not down.

This is the NYC Hot Cheap Living Festival. 
We’re crowded on top of each other and we embrace the collapse of space. There is a living to be made here. 
Hot cheap living speaks for itself. 
9 days of autonomous performance in the last weeks of the famous Living Theatre on Clinton Street.

Hot Cheap Living Brass
Hot Cheap Living Theatre
Hot Cheap Living Dance
Hot Cheap Living Art
The end of the Living? 
Screw that, we’re still here.

Performance Schedule

Sat. February 16 Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, Diva Laura Newman, The Handsome Man Band!

Mon. February 18, 7pm Dzieci' ritualistic Makbet

Tues. February 19 John Brown, a solo show performed by Norman Marshall

Wed. February 20, 10pm Occupy the Pipeline Benefit to fight Fracking. with Eric Walton, Marina Tsaplina , Lopi LaRoe, Kagero, The Iron Falcon Style, Diana Susanto belly dance, Janet Huey burlesque, Kid Ace!  

Thurs. February 21, 10pm LAVA, Laura NewmanKate Brehm, Sarah Duncan, Shanimal, Eve Silber, Siobhan O'Loughlin, Preachermann and the Revival!

Sun. February 24, 7pm Super Fun Variety Show!  With Apocalypse Five and Dime

Mon. February 25 Amour Obscur

Tues. February 26 Eric Wallach, Dane Terry, The Rumble, Gay Panic!

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The Living Theatre

Address: 21 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002
Phone:(212) 792-8050


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